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Safety first, so you last.

Our health & safety methods reduce potential hazards on the job while creating a culture of safety among your employees. Beyond keeping your employees safe, we help you protect your company from hefty fines, injuries and lawsuits.

Creating safer workplaces

Health and safety should be an integral part of businesses of all types and sizes. True workplace health and safety is not just about sticking up posters and ticking compliance boxes. For us, it is about developing and implementing error free safety methods and empowering your employees to follow them.


Our In depth Health & Safety Audit will determine the effectiveness of your safety systems, identify potential threats and opportunities for improvement, and ensure compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act


Have a MOL order you need to address? We will provide support and assistance to walk you through the paperwork, risk assessments, and red tape. Let us take the stress away so you may go back to operating your business with peace of mind.


We provide training to help your staff, seasonal staff, and volunteers understand their rights and responsibilities and the importance of following internal policies to ensure they meet safety procedures at your company. These sessions are intended to empower your employees and protect your staff and your business


We prepare all the necessary documents and policies specific to your organization according to the regulations mandated by the federal and provincial governments. We will provide you with compliant safety policies and procedures so you can easily implement them with your staff.

What else do we cover?

  • Free Virtual Walkthrough and Report.
  • Essential Health and Safety Setup.
  • Workplace Investigations.
  • Health and Safety Committee/Representative Set Up/Support.
  • Virtual H&S Training.
  • Custom H&S Document Creation.
  • WSIB Claims Management.

What problems are we solving?

Employers often struggle to give adequate attention to the Health & Safety side of their business. HR Covered is here to solve all your health & safety challenges, such as

  • Having employees follow safety policies and procedures so you can keep them safe and ensure you’ve met your due diligence requirements.
  • Determining exactly what compliance items are specific to your industry of operation to ensure you’re adhering to all requirements.
  • Getting employees to understand the importance of topics such as PPE, violence and harassment prevention as well as the potential consequences for not following the protocols in place.
  • Changing a safety culture that is 30 years.

Why HR Covered

We keep the ‘human’ touch in human resources alive! Our HR experts are always available, extremely knowledgeable, and carry a ‘can do’ attitude.

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With 1500+ clients, HR covered has the most sought after HR experts in Canada.


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