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Junior Account Executive 

Do you get up in the morning craving an exciting challenge?

Company: HRCovered Inc.

Job Title: Junior Account Executive 

Job type: 100% Virtual, Permanent, Full-time

Compensation:  $40-45k salary plus commission (no cap potential for 6 figures) plus benefits

🎯 Are you driven by results and motivated to sell? 

🎯 Do you have what it takes to build strong customer relationships? 

🎯 Is the daily commute to the office leaving you no time for your personal life?

Look no further!  We’ve got you covered!

HRCovered is looking for tenacious, self-motivated individuals that are well-versed in a sales environment to join our account management team, which has a flawless reputation for putting the customer first. 

Ready to dive in? Check out our mind-blowing promo video to get a taste of what being part of our high-performance team is all about. 

About HR Covered

HRCovered Inc. is a team of passionate HR Experts from Canada who make HR simple and cover all avenues at a fraction of the cost. Backed by the extensive experience of certified and qualified HR leaders, HR Covered is the most-sought after HR Solution in the country. We are obsessed with navigating businesses through the rough rapids of compliance, saving their time, money and peace of mind.

HRCovered has been in business for almost 3 years. In that time, we’ve gone from an idea in our heads to over 100 employees and 1500 clients. We’ve reached this success with the help of a talented global workforce and by focusing on our core values; never give in, do whatever it takes, grow professionally and be of service to others.


What’s “The Job”

  • Call a list of highly qualified businesses to offer HR Covered, making a significant number of daily dials.
  • Schedule presentations to dive in deeper into our service and present our service in a unique manner leading to sales.
  • Build an efficient follow up process, to keep in touch with potential clients, while providing value in the process.
  • Close Deals!
  • Keep yourself up to date, and improve your skills, by taking part in weekly training, and the Grant Cardone sales training program. (That’s right we’ve paid for it!)


Who are We Looking for?

  • You’re not just looking for a fill-in job to just make rent while you figure out your life, you actually want to be part of something bigger. You want to be the reason why our members achieve greatness in their work.
  • You’re not just someone who says they can close deals or a hired “sales gun”… you live and breathe it and eat sales for breakfast…
  • You love the fact that YOU are the one in control of how much you make off of your incredible sales ability and your applied effort
  • You’re not someone who is easily confined to your comfort zone. You’re relentless, you’re thirsty for growth, you’re always looking to sharpen, to improve, to get better, even by just 1% every day.
  • You’re someone that wants to use your sales skills to genuinely help businesses rebuild and grow
  • You are a team player and have the ability to still be coached and to be humble enough to take feedback and direction.
  • You’re not a short-term flake, but ready to spend some time crafting your art and willing to do the right thing, the right way for a long time.


What Should You Have to Apply?

  • Experience making a high amount of B2B Dials.
  • Focused on hitting set targets, and self-motivated to get there.
  • Able to build relationships quickly, by building rapport with your prospects
  • Incredible selling skills that lead to simple negotiation.
  • Open to feedback and coaching, with a history of implementing these suggestions
  • Track record of crushing targets.


What’s In It for You?

  • Uncapped earning and development potential, we don’t cap your potential so we don’t cap your earnings and how you can earn money and knowledge
  • Strong leadership and coaching on how you can be a better sales closing machine
  • Part of a high-performance team that will keep you sharp
  • Becoming something meaningful to a lot of people, way different to what normally happens in other sales jobs.
  • Exposure to how the business actually works, growing your skills and knowledge on sales, scripting, closing, client on-boarding and business process.

How to Apply

If you have not yet found a company whose passion and standard for excellence rivals yours, then DO NOT MISS this opportunity!

To apply, send your resume to before June 23rd, 2023.

Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you!