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Frequently Asked Questions


When does the service start after I pay?

We have a dedicated team of HR Advisors ready to assist you! Service begins immediately after sign-up. You can reach us at to kickstart your journey and start taking HR off your plate!


What experience/qualifications do your experts have so I can trust them with my compliance?

Our HR Advisors boast between 8 and 25 years of experience in HR across diverse industries. Additionally, our ownership team brings over 40 years of collective experience in the HR field. To underscore our confidence in our services, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with any aspect of our service, you can cancel within 30 days and receive a full refund.


What if I already have my policy manual done?

That’s fantastic! You’re ahead of the game, but as you know, things change constantly. Last year alone, there were 22 legislative changes. It’s crucial to review your manual at least once a year. We understand the time this can save you, and we’re here to help. Is your manual complete? Is it compliant? Do you update it regularly? Here’s a big question: Do you really want to be handling this task? In our experience, the answer is always NO. We understand – time is precious. Yet, there’s a good chance there are some issues with your documents. Let us take a look! After all, you have nothing to lose.


What happens if I don't need the service every month?

Consider it an insurance policy. Employee issues can arise unexpectedly. You may not require our assistance this month, but next month, you might need us seven times. Our service comes with one fixed cost, ensuring you have the support you need whenever you need it. Our clients frequently report that our service pays for itself within the first week.


Does the service renew automatically after a year?

Not necessarily, but after the first year, we offer flexible terms with no long-term commitment. We believe that by then, you’ve had enough experience with us to decide if we’re the right fit for you. We’re committed to partnerships based on mutual value and understanding. If you see the fit, we’re excited to continue working together.


Will the HR Experts conduct hiring and firing meetings?

No, we don’t directly interact with your employees or volunteers unless you’ve enrolled in our HR Plus service and outlined your specific expectations. However, we maintain communication with their supervisors. It’s important that hiring and firing discussions are conducted exclusively with key members of your team.


What if you don't have the training I want to offer my employees?

We provide the mandatory training that you’re required to offer your employees and volunteers. If you’re interested in having us tailor-make a specific training program for your team, feel free to discuss it with us. Creating customized training is something we excel at, and we’re eager to explore your needs. Throughout the year, we’ll continue to develop new training materials, and you’ll have access to all the latest resources. For a preview of what’s in the pipeline, reach out to your dedicated service team at


Can I cancel after 6 months?

After the first year, we transition to a flexible arrangement without any long-term commitments. We believe that by this time, you’ve had ample experience with us to decide if we’re the right fit for you. We’re dedicated to partnerships founded on mutual value and understanding, and if you see the fit, we’re excited to continue working together. Should you ever feel we’re not upholding our end of the bargain, rest assured, we offer a 30-day service level guarantee for your satisfaction.


What kind of advice can I ask about?

Feel free to reach out to us with any HR-related inquiries. Our typical calls cover topics such as terminations, training, onboarding, employee management, or progressive discipline. However, don’t hesitate to ask about anything else that’s on your mind. Our service isn’t limited to reactive support. If you’re interested in discussing and getting assistance with long-term HR initiatives, we’re here to help you with those as well.


If we are less than 5 employees, are we too small to use the service?

Compliance is still essential, regardless of your organization’s size. Just because you’re smaller doesn’t exempt you from potential HR issues. In fact, smaller organizations are often more scrutinized and fined than larger ones. Additionally, many NFPs rely on a substantial volunteer force, which also necessitates training.


What are the exact terms of the guarantee?

Our guarantee is straightforward: You have 30 days to collaborate with us. If you’re unsatisfied with our service in any aspect during that period, you can cancel and receive a full refund—no questions asked. That’s all there is to it.



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