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Executive Director

Company: Big Brothers Big Sisters of London and Area (BBBSOLA)

Recruiting Company: HRCovered Inc.

Job Title: Executive Director

Job type: Permanent, Full-Time (Hybrid role but 3 days a week required out of London Office)

Compensation: $80,000 – $90,000 annual salary

Benefits: Health benefits, free parking, RRSP contributions and more!

  • Have you ever led a team to accomplish a shared mission and vision?
  • Have you considered working for a nonprofit and creating positive change?
  • Have you successfully met financial and fundraising objectives in the past?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be the ideal candidate for the Executive Director position at Big Brothers Big Sisters of London and Area (BBBSOLA)! 

Position Summary:

As the Executive Director at BBBSOLA, your primary responsibility will be to provide strategic leadership and inspire your team to fulfill the organization’s mission of creating positive, life-changing relationships for young people in the community. You will utilize your exceptional strategic thinking skills to drive fundraising initiatives and financial growth to make a real difference in the lives of those you serve. 

Your role will include being accountable to the Board of Directors for providing leadership and vision to all aspects of BBBSOLA. You will be responsible for achieving strategic, financial, fundraising, and operational objectives while ensuring that the organization operates in compliance with the policies established by the Board of Directors.



Big Brothers Big Sisters of London and Area (BBBSOLA) has been committed to empowering Canadian children and youth for more than half a century, helping them find positive perspectives and reach their full potential. 

With over 52 years of experience in the field, BBBSOLA has become a trusted and reliable resource for the community. They are supported by a team of 13 dedicated employees and 300+ volunteers who work tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of young people.



  • Board of Directors
    • Ensure Board of Directors and its committees have all necessary information
    • Attract and recruit prospective Board members
    • Discuss role expectations with prospects prior to filing nominations
  • Strategic Plan
    • Formulate the Strategic Plan in collaboration with the staff of BBBSOLA, key constituents and the Board and recommend updates to the plan
    • Identify community needs and BBBSOLA’s role in meeting them
    • Identify critical issues that must be addressed
    • Establish short, medium, and long-term objectives and strategies
  • Annual Operating Plan
    • Develop and present an annual operating plan which establishes the goals, objectives and budget for the upcoming year
    • Ensure it aligns with Strategic Plan objectives
  • Objectives for the Executive Director
    • Recommend annual performance objectives for the Executive Director
  • Organizational Development
    • Develop and maintain an effective organizational structure that reflects operational needs 
    • Define authority and responsibilities of senior management
  • Leadership of Human Resources
    • Provide effective leadership to staff and volunteers
    • Communicate, motivate, guide, and direct organization members
    • Maintain high visibility and effective communication with staff
    • Ensure effective succession planning process for senior management
  • Performance Management
    • Ensure clear employee responsibility definition
    • Manage, direct, and motivate staff
    • Measure employee performance
    • Carry out annual performance reviews with Senior Management
  • Corporate Policy
    • Develop and implement policies and practices
    • Recommend changes to policies as appropriate
  • External Relationships
    • Establish a strong profile in the community
    • Develop effective relationships with key constituents, partners, and donors
  • External Communication
    • Act as spokesperson for BBBSOLA
    • Present BBBSOLA position on issues and activities
    • Accept speaking engagements
  • Donor Relations and Public Relations
    • Ensure achievement of Strategic Plan goals for these departments
    • Develop strategies, alliances, and partnerships with government, corporations, and the community
    • Ensure effective engagement of corporate community
  • Service Delivery
    • Ensure achievement of Strategic Plan goals for the Service Delivery Team
    • Support all Service Delivery teams equitably
    • Be a program builder and forge strong relationships in service provision
  • Organizational Planning and Operations
    • Ensure effective business practices, policies, and procedures are in place
    • Ensure effective financial management and regulatory compliance
    • Develop and implement a technology strategy
  • Corporate Community
    • Enhance relationships with the corporate community
    • Participate in business-related events and foster personal relationships with leaders
  • Environment
    • Ensure organization is seen as an expert in social services
    • Keep up-to-date on initiatives and trends in social services, government policy, and economic environment



  • Post-secondary education
  • Must be in an active management position and have experience leading teams
  • Fundraising experience is a MUST
  • Strong background in sales/marketing and communications
  • Experience working with a board of directors or leadership/c-suite team
  • Experience managing people with different values and personalities
  • Experience in grant writing (a plus but not required)
  • Experience managing event planning and organizing events
  • Experience working with CRM or donor management systems
  • Change management experience
  • Corporate or board governance experience
  • Experience partnering with diverse communities or supporting DEI within an organization
  • Business and risk management experience
  • Personal volunteering experience or involvement in a NFP organization as an employee or volunteer
  • Strong HR skills and experience dealing with turnover, hiring, and leading a team
  • Strong skill set in meeting and presentation skills
  • Passionate and motivated individual
  • Strong written and verbal skills
  • Data analysis, and reporting writing skills
  • Strategic planning and analytical thinking
  • Developing budgets, managing projects, and overall business management skills
  • Strong connection and belief in Big Brothers Big Sisters and its values



  • Put your strengths to lead a heart-centred nonprofit
  • Great work culture with strong values
  • Work with a young and dynamic team
  • Impact families and kids positively
  • Have a life-lasting positive impact on children
  • Feel good about your work and make a direct impact every day
  • Flexible work-life policy
  • 4 weeks of paid vacation
  • The office is closed between Christmas and New Year
  • Competitive compensation: $80,000 – $90,000 annual salary
  • Health benefits 
  • RRSP contribution 
  • Free parking


Are you ready to make a difference and chart an exciting new career path?

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